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Current major casework – Stewartby 3

by timhill on 17 January, 2008

As well as the hundreds of cases due to the poor maintenance by the County Council of our roads and footpaths, and the ongoing vandalism of street nameplates, I am working on several major cases in our Ward:

Stewartby 3

3) Problems caused by teenagers gathering in the evenings at the layby outside Marston Vale Middle School.

– We are working with the Parish Council to see what can be done to end this nuisance. This needs both a reactive and a proactive approach.

– The local PC – Jamie Quinney  – and your Liberal Democrat FOCUS Team of Councillors encourage local residents to report every incident. It may seem that nothing is done but every call builds up the case log to help us press the Police HQ to provide more support to Jamie.

– We are pressing O&H to help lcoal residents. After all, they own the land in question and it seems fair to me that an absentee property company should take some responsibility for what is happening on its own land. They are a very difficult company to get hold of.

– We are supporting the Parish Council in its efforts to find a solution before the “peak season” starts in the summer.

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