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Current major casework – Wootton 2

by timhill on 17 January, 2008

As well as the hundreds of cases due to the poor maintenance by the County Council of our roads and footpaths, and the ongoing vandalism of street nameplates, I am working on several major cases in our Ward:

Wootton – 2

1) Speeding cars at the junction of Bedford Road, Fields Road, Cranfield Road and Church Road.

– Many residents will know that Gordon presented our petition calling for action NOW on speeding at this junction at the July 07 County Council meeting.

– At the meeting Gordon said “Traffic is steadily getting worse. We cannot wait for more houses to be built before the junction is improved.”

– I am delighted that the County’s Development Committee has agreed to Gordon’s call for an early feasibility study of the junction and to review the speed limit and not wait for more houses first. The County Council Officers had proposed that our petition should be dumped in the bottomles spit of their 5-year Review of the road network. Thanks to Gordon, we may see action sooner.

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