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Incinerator consultation slammed

by timhill on 17 January, 2008

At last nights Borough Council meeting, I asked the following questions about the County Council’s pet Project to put a massive incinerator right on Stewartby’s doorstep:

Regarding the County Council’s proposal for a waste incinerator at Rookery South Pit, will the Portfolio Holder:

a) Report on the progress on discussions with the County Council, including any answers received to this council’s questions regarding the financial implications of the proposed incinerator?

b) Confirm that the incinerator will need to burn a quarter of a million tonnes of rubbish each year to remain economic?

c) Agree that the continuous stream of waste will cause hundreds of lorries to use an inadequate road system that is already poorly maintained by the County Council?

 Despite my personal request to him to speak up, I could not hear a word of the Portfolio Holder’s reply. I have asked for a written copy of it.

I followed up my initial questions by slamming the inadequate and secretive consultation process the County Council has followed and asked the Portfolio Holder to push the County Council to change its mind and look at the much more environmentally friendly and cost effective Mechanical and Biological Treatment option.

I am fed up with Stewartby being used as the dustbin of Europe. I’d prefer it if the County chose a different site but if it is has to be Rookery South Pit then a Mechanical and Biological Treatment plant is the much better option. The Energy From Waste Incinerator is a very poor option for the County Council to choose as it needs a continuous stream of waste to be economic and is much less effective than a Mechanical and Biological Treatment plant at the re-using waste.

We will continue our campaign to open up the secretive corridors of County Hall to ensure Stewartby is not taken for granted yet again.

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