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Residents Must be Given a Choice on Recycling

by timhill on 17 January, 2008

The County Council has made a reckless decision to withdraw the orange recycling bags.

We believe a bin-only recycling scheme is utterly unsuitable for many people living in rural areas, blocks of flats or densely-populated areas, yet the county council has recklessly decided to withdraw bags completely. Many local residents will now be left with no choice but to stop recycling altogether if they do not have the option of using bags instead of a bin.

Withdrawing bags is crazy. We should be making the scheme as convenient as possible for people in order to increase recycling overall. That is why we are calling on the borough council to step in to ensure that residents are given a choice of an extra bin or bags for recycling. It is a shame that the two councils don’t seem to be able to work together for local residents.

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