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My man John Edwards gets stuffed in Nevada

by timhill on 20 January, 2008

I’m in an even bigger state of despair about the USA today.

I began to have doubts about that country when their electoral system ensured George “Dubya” Bush scraped home to a narrow victory in 2000 against the now-Nobel Prize winner Al Gore.

Then they gave him an even bigger victory over John kerry in 2004 – John Kerry being too liberal for the gun-toting rednecks of the good ole boys of the Deep South.

This time the Democrats had a big chance of selecting an electable but also populist Southerrner in John Edwards. But thanks to the big money corporations who run the TV stations in the USA, John was ignored by the media despite beating HRC in Iowa and so he got stuffed yesterday in Nevada.

 In a CNN poll the other day, Edwareds beat all the Republican candidates head to head. But the Democratic electorate are voting for change based on gender or race rather than substance.

Is it any wonder I ask myself sometimes that I am so depressed about the USA and so determined that the UK should become a full and proper parthner in the EU ?

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