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What a weekend

by timhill on 20 January, 2008

What a weekend we’ve been having.

First the team I’m in finishes only 8th out of 17 teams in the Hastingsbury School PTA Quiz Night….but we beat the team Judith and Gordon were in though ūüôā More seriously, it was great that 6 Liberal Democrat friends came¬†as a team to support fundraising efforts for Lizzie’s school. Well done to the winning team who had such an obscure name that I can’t remember it. The evening was memorably finished off by our friend Helen telling us how amazing the Take That ¬†concert she went to was.

¬†After that late night,¬†I had to get up fairly early on Saturday to take PJ and his best mate Josh for their golf lessons at Mowsbury near Brickhill. Tiger Woods they’re not yet but I’m working on it.

We then went out last night for¬† a few drinks and then a curry with our brothers and sisters – my brother being married to one of Mandy’s sisters ! We just got settled in the Kings Arms when we had a phone call from our kids telling us Mandy’s Dad had had a fall and an ambulance was on its way. Naturally we all hurried round to the Hutchings homestead. Mandy’s Dad was in hospital overnight but is out now and taking things easy. We’re trying to persuade Mandy’s folks to sign up to one of those personal alarm things but I’m not hopeful they’ll do it. Like my folks, they’re very proud of their independence.

Today, I’ve just done an hour of¬†casework catching up before my folks come round for a big Sunday dinner.¬†I’ve just asked the kids to do their Sunday chore of emptying the bins and got shouted at for being a nasty Dad. The joys of parenthood are beyond belief when you have a 13 year old daughter Lizzie who wishes she was 18 and a 12 year old son who doesn’t see why he can’t spend all his waking hours on his new lap top playing World of Warcraft. But I wouldn’t swap them for anything….not even a Liberal Democrat victory at the next General Election.

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