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Action on Potters Cross

by timhill on 13 June, 2008

Local residents have been in touch with me regarding the issue of the poor state of the road surface in Potters Cross. I contacted the County Council in March 2008 asking them to take action on this issue.  I am now very pleased to report that resurfacing works for Potters Cross are now scheduled for two weeks commencing 23rd June 2008. The works may or may not leave the road as an absolutely perfect surface but at least it should be a lot better than it is now. I would very much appreciate it if you could give me your feedback on the following issues:a)         Did you receive a copy of the closure consultation letter yourself?b)         If you did, did you think it was enough notice?I would like the feedback as I want to ensure the County Council gives enough notice to a large enough number of local residents on such issues. If necessary, I will lobby the County Council to improve the way they do this.

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