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Potters Cross re-surfacing – action to confirm works as promised

by timhill on 2 July, 2008

Potters Cross residents will remember my letter of 13th June 2008 regarding the resurfacing works in Potters Cross. Several local residents have contacted me seeking re-assurance that the resurfacing is for the whole of the tarmaced road. I did confirm that according to the correspondence I had received from the County Council, it is for the whole of the tarmaced road. I have today contacted the County Council to seek final written confirmation that the whole tarmaced road is being resurfaced. In the meantime, I would very much appreciate your feedback on the following issues:a)     Do you think the workmen have been doing everything they can to ensure reasonable access for you?b)     What do you think of the standard of the surface laid?c)     Does it look as though the whole length of the tarmaced road is to be re-surfaced?I would like the feedback as I want to ensure the County Council contractors do the agreed work and to a standard they are being paid for. If necessary, I will lobby the County Council to improve this. 

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