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No to ID Cards – Part 2

by timhill on 16 July, 2009

I’m pleased to report that the motion was passed overwhelmingly with all the Liberal Democrat group supporting it, all the Tories supporting it and a couple of courageous Independents supporting it as well.

The Labour Group all abstained. This is better than voting against but it does betray the liberal instincts I know some of the Labour Councillors have.

What greatly dissapointed me was that the Mayor left before the debate even started. This is a shame as the motion calls upon him and his Executive to take some actions in support of the Council’s view if they so choose.

But then he copped out of attending 2-tier/3-tier school consultation meetings even though it’s him who’s pushing for the change.

The phrase “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” doesn’t come to mind.

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