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Victory for democracy – Part 2

by timhill on 16 July, 2009

It seems I spoke too soon.

Yes, the Full Council will get the chance to have a vote if the Mayor’s Executive recommends a change to 2-Tier.

However, it became apparent at last nights Full Council meeting that the undemocratic nature of the processes of the directly-elected Mayor system will come into force, even though the Mayor wasn’t even sure last night what his own system means.

if the Full Council votes against the change, the Executive will then discuss the Council’s view. It can agree with the Council or as seems likely, it will send it back to the Council to vote again on the Executive’s view for a change to 2-Tier.

Now the undemocratic process really comes into play. Full Council has to vote by a 2/3rds majority to over-ride the Executive’s view !

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