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Disappointed in Trust

by timhill on 22 July, 2009

The Sir Malcolm Stewart, Bart., General Charitable Trust manages the Sir Malcolm Stewart Homes in Stewartby. 

The Trust was set up by the original owners of the local brickworks to provide and manage the homes built for the brickworks workers in Stewartby.

By and large the Trust has adjusted well to the various changes in ownership of the brickworks to ensure its historical mission to ensure retired brickworks workers are well looked after. 

Unfortunately it is not doing so in one case I have. A resident of the Homes contacted me in February 2009 regarding the refusal of the Trust to their request for permission for them to have a multi-flame burner in their property. On examining the correspondence provided to me, I felt the resident has a good case for an appeal against the refusal. I immediately wrote to the Trust asking them to re-consider their refusal. 

What with the hectic three months of the election campaign and an extremely stressful time at work, I didn’t have time to look out for an early reply.  The resident recently contacted me to ask if I had received a reply. On checking my records, I was extremely disappointed to find I have not received one. With the winter months not that far away, the resident quite rightly wants to get this issue sorted out.

I have today written to the Trust asking for a prompt reply to my original letter and why it has taken so long to reply to it.

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