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“Gategate” – O &H being heavy handed stripping Stewartby of its precious green areas

by timhill on 24 August, 2009

I’ve received phone calls from residents of Rousbury Road, Stewartby regarding who owns the land at the rear of Rousbury Road and Stewartby Way that the old parish play area used to be on.

This arises from letters they have received from O & H Properties telling residents O&H will be blocking off their access to the play area and illegally attaching panels to residents private fences that open out onto the this land. This seems a little heavy-handed and over the top, especially as the fence gates in some cases have been in place for many years and the land until recently hosted the old parish play area.

Why can’t O&H just let sleeping dogs lie on issues where in this case it is a welcome amenity for local people ?

One can only say this is another classic case of this absentee landlord being heavy handed stripping the green areas of Stewartby for all the money it can get and not caring about local residents?

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