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Driven To Despair At Council Accounting Error

by timhill on 11 September, 2009

Bedford Road, Wootton was due to be resurfaced in August. This followed constant pressure on the Council to do so by myself and fellow Liberal Democrat Councillor Judith Cunningham.
I had sent local residents a copy of the map the Council had sent to me detailing the extent of the works. All of Bedford Road from its junction with Mepham Road up to Keeley Corner, a small part of Keeley Lane and one corner of  Wootton Road, Kempston Rural were shown on the map as to be resurfaced in the first week of August.
I returned from my family’s summer holiday only to find that only about a tenth of the promised work had actually been done.
After several e-mails to Highways Officers demanding an explanation, I have now found out today that it was all because of an accounting error by the Council.
It appears that instead of transferring £136k to Amey, the Council contractors, the Council had only transferred £36k.
I absolutely despair. I was really pleased that at last the road was going to be properly resurfaced. I came back from holiday with calls and e-mails from concerned local residents asking why the work hadn’t been finished properly.

It turns out to be due to a simple accounting error by the Council. Not only that but the senior officer involved agreed to the reduction without informing either myself or Cllr Judith Cunningham and the remainder of the much needed works will now not take place until the next financial year!

I have asked the relevant Executive Committee member to ensure the remainder of the works is treated as a priority. This cannot and must not happen again.

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