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My Report to Stewartby Parish Council meeting of 7 Jan 10

by timhill on 4 January, 2010

ApologiesDue to my attendance at my first Marston Vale Landfill Community Liaison meeting at the Village Hall the same night, I will be unable to attend the Parish Council meeting. 



Covanta IncineratorI arranged a meeting for 18 Dec 09 between the Mayor, Judith Cunningham, myself and residents campaigning against the Covanta proposal. The Mayor suggested, and it was agreed, that a wider meeting of all people campaigning against the issue will be held on 4 Jan 10 at the Borough Hall.I currently plan to attend the Covanta Community Liaison Panel meeting on 11 Jan 10 at the Forest Centre.Around 50 residents from Elstow and Stewartby have signed and returned to us our anti-Covanta petition at their own expense. 



Boundary Committee ReviewPart of the all-party Borough Council’s Warding Proposals Task Group’s official recommendation to the Borough Council’s General Purposes Committee meeting on 7 Jan 10 is that Stewartby should form a single member Ward with Elstow. The Liberal Democrat Group is opposed to this part of the Warding Proposals Task Group’s recommendation. However, the Liberal Democrat Group does support the part of the recommendation that moves all of the properties to the north of Manor Road, Kempston Hardwick into the same Borough Ward as Stewartby, whatever that Ward turns out to be.  



Ward Councillors FundEach Borough Councillor has an amount of money based on its population to donate to local organisations to spend on capital improvement projects in his/her Ward.I have donated part of my Fund for the Stewartby Parish Council to spend on improving/repairing a number of street lights. 



Local IssuesI formally objected to the planning application by G Moores to the Borough Council to effectively double the operations at their Manor Road, Kempston Hardwick site. I also spoke against it at the Planning Committee on 14 Dec 10. The Planning Committee agreed to do a site visit on 8 Jan 10.I formally objected to the application by C Jackson & Sons to the Environment Agency for an environmental permit for asbestos waste transfer at their Manor Road, Kempston Hardwick site.

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