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A Big Fat No To The Covanta Incinerator – Covanta Misleading

by timhill on 22 March, 2010

Over 160 people from across the Marston Vale turned out in the cold and rain on Saturday morning to join the “Our Marston Vale “ protest outside Stewartby Village Hall against the proposed Covanta Incinerator.

Covanta were holding one of their public consultation events at the Stewartby Village Hall. “Our Marston Vale” had organised the protest to make it absolutely clear to Covanta and the Infrastructure Planning Commission that the incinerator is vehemently opposed by the residents of the Marston Vale.

Liberal Democrat Cllr for Stewartby and Wootton Tim Hill says; “Residents turned out in force to say a big fat no to Covanta and its crazy proposal.

       A big fat no to a 3 tonne lorry every minute along Stewartby’s village roads.

       A big fat no to chimney emissions that Covanta won’t say what’s in them.

       A big fat no to a massive blot on the landscape.

       A big fat no to re-using only 15% of waste.

“And a massive no to Covanta’s misleading “spin” on how “traffic won’t be a problem””.

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