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Elstow Conservation Area

by timhill on 21 August, 2010

Bedford Borough Council is reviewing the current extent of the Elstow Conservation Area that your property is within. Being in a Conservation Area makes it much more difficult for any new build to be given planning Permission and any proposed alterations must reflect the Conservation Area guidelines. 

As part of this review, two small areas are suggested as additions to the Conservation Area.  No areas are suggested for removal from the existing Conservation Area boundary.

The two small areas suggested as being additions are plots of land off West End and on the old Lower School, High Street.

The Borough Council are hosting a Public Consultation meeting to seek local residents views  on the existing Consultation Area and its proposed additions. The meeting will be at the Elstow Playing Fields Hall at 7.30pm on Thursday 9th September 2010. I hope you can attend the meeting as your views are important. If you would like a lift, please contact me on the above number.

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