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Make Stewartby’s voice even louder

by timhill on 19 September, 2012

To make Stewartby’s voice even louder, I am campaigning to change the name of my Ward to Elstow and Stewartby.

To support my campaign, all you have to do is send an e-mail to Fiona.McCabe@bedford.gov.uk saying:

“I support the change of Ward name to Elstow and Stewartby”.

Please do that by 28th September 2012.

Please also get your friends, families and neighbours to do the same.

It’s up to you.

If you want to make my job harder in getting things done for the village, then do nothing.

If you want to get Stewartby’s significance and importance recognised by the people that matter, please get that e-mail of support in by 28th September.

I strongly believe that the name should include both of the major communities i.e. Elstow and Stewartby. It was bad enough having the Stewart name removed from the Middle School which the Stewart family built and donated. The Stewarts also donated much else to the area and their name should not be forgotten and ignored.

Best wishes

Cllr Tim Hill

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