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No Verge Parking Scheme is now in place

by timhill on 22 August, 2013

Elstow residents will hopefully have noticed that the No Verge Parking Scheme is now in place. It covers the High Street and Bunyans Mead.

This follows my delivery of a consultation leaflet to every house in High Street and Bunyans Mead on 3 Dec 2012 asking for homeowners’ views on a no verge parking scheme being implemented in these two streets. I had 68 responses to my leaflet, every one of which was in favour of the proposed scheme.

The scheme means it is an offence to park on the verge or footpath in the area covered. The Council’s ANPR vehicle will be regularly visiting the area covered to enforce the scheme. However, it cannot be there 24/7. If you see a vehicle parked in a way that is an offence under the scheme, please ring the Borough Council’s Enforcement – Control Desk on 01234 718359 to advise it of the details of the offending vehicle.

Working together, we can ensure these verges and footpaths are kept clear for parents pushing prams and buggies, and that elderly residents can walk on them without obstruction.

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