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Ampthill Road traffic lights turning left

by timhill on 8 December, 2013

I have just sent the following e-mail to the Highways Helpdesk. Please let me know your views on tim.hill@bedford.gov.uk.

“Hi Highways Helpdesk

When looking to turn left into West End from Ampthill Road at the Ampthill Road/West End traffic lights, the lights stay red even when vehicles in West End are getting a green.

 As the vehicles looking to turn left will not interfere in any way with traffic coming out of West End, the red light doesn’t seem to make sense.

 I appreciate that given there only two lanes on Ampthill Road, it will only occasionally help with the queues on Ampthill Road, but at least it will be of some help.

 Can you please look at changing these lights so they go green when the West End ones do.”.

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