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Ampthill Road traffic lights turning left

by timhill on 8 December, 2013

I have just sent the following e-mail to the Highways Helpdesk. Please let me know your views on tim.hill@bedford.gov.uk.

“Hi Highways Helpdesk

When looking to turn left into West End from Ampthill Road at the Ampthill Road/West End traffic lights, the lights stay red even when vehicles in West End are getting a green.

 As the vehicles looking to turn left will not interfere in any way with traffic coming out of West End, the red light doesn’t seem to make sense.

 I appreciate that given there only two lanes on Ampthill Road, it will only occasionally help with the queues on Ampthill Road, but at least it will be of some help.

 Can you please look at changing these lights so they go green when the West End ones do.”.


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  1. Robert Stewart says:

    Hello Cllr Hill,

    As an experienced highways engineer that travels through the junction regularly, the early running of the left turn will serve very little purpose against the cost to provide the required modifications to do this.
    There is only sufficient space for one vehicle and should there be 2 cars waiting to go straight ahead no vehicles will be able to make the turn. This could lead to the unsafe act of vehicles mounting the Kerb to make the turn. In addition the arrangements of the pedestrian crossing facilities and how they appear during the stage sequence could lead to pedestrians becoming trapped on the splitter island.

    Lane discipline is extremely poor at the junction and frequently people do not fill the central lane which leads to wasted capacity at the junction.

    There is sufficient space available to reduce the width of the shared use foot path to open up more carriageway space to allow 3 full lanes over the bridge which would reduce exit blocking at the Elstow road junction.

    In true Bedford style a pointless yellow box has been added to the Elstow road junction which serves no use what so ever at significant cost. Unfortunately this appears to a regular quick fix used by authorities to tackle congestion at junctions.


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