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by timhill on 21 July, 2014

This is the latest of my regular electronic community newsletters I have just sent to local residents I have an e-mail address for.

If you would like to receive it by e-mail, please let me know.


Dear Resident

This is the latest of my regular electronic community newsletters from me as your local Liberal Democrat Borough Councillor.


Local Issues

Since my last Elstow, Stewartby and Kempston Hardwick Echo, I have progressed the following issues, in some cases with the help of the relevant Parish Council:


  1. Neighbourhood Watch Re-launch – The Neighbourhood Watch meeting on 2 Jul 14 was very successful. I counted something like 45 people in attendance. I know many signed up on the night to be members.

b)         Abbey Fields bush and shrub maintenance – Residents of the estate who back onto the bypass have raised their concerns with me about the lack of maintenance of the bushes and shrubs between their back gardens and the bypass. I have asked the relevant Borough Assistant Director to come back to me with proposals for in the short term getting it cut and in the long term arranging a site meeting with all potential agencies.

b)         Croyland Drive fly-tipping – A broken fence panel that no-one was taking responsibility for has led to some fly-tipping between a parking area and the bypass. Following my requests, I am pleased to report that the area has now been cleared of litter and the fence installed.

c)         Progress Way turning right into Hillesden Avenue white lines – Residents of the estate have raised their concerns with me about these white lines having faded to virtually nothing. I have raised this with Borough Highways.

d)         Travellers on Abbey Fields verge near West End roundabout – Visit i) After telephone calls and e-mails from residents on Friday 4 Jul 14, I immediately informed the proper officers of the Borough Council and action was taken to remove the group from the area including a High Court Order. They left on Wed 9 Jul 14. Visit ii) After texts and e-mails from residents yesterday, I texted the relevant Borough Officer yesterday informing her of the illegal encampment. She replied saying she will visit the site first thing this morning.

e)         Bypass noise reduction measures – Wilstead Road and Medbury Lane residents have been in touch asking for these to be improved as previously promised several years ago when the bypass was first built. I have raised this with Highways and am awaiting a response.




a)         Average Speed Cameras on Stewartby Way – The equipment will be installed between 1-18 Aug 14.

b)         Kimberley College – I visited the College on 24 Jun 14. I was very impressed by the building, the facilities and the Principal. I did ask why they market themselves as being in Wootton and not Stewartby. This is to do with the Education Funding Agency (or something like that!) putting great store on the Wootton Academy Trust retaining its “Wootton” branding.

c)         Kitchener Place parking – I am still arranging site meetings with a) Officers and local affected residents b) Officers and the residents causing the issue, to progress a solution

d)         The Crescent double yellow lines – We have agreed that we will give the new bus bays four weeks from their installation to see if the problems caused by the buses reduce, stay the same or get worse, and then re-seek feedback from all residents on whether there is then a consensus on the need for double yellow lines.

e)         Parking Bays outside Broadmead Lower – These were planned for the spring, but in an effort to keep costs to a minimum, they will be done once a decision is made on the The Crescent double yellow lines.

f)          Travellers Site – There are ongoing issues from the site affecting residents in the Parish and in Houghton Conquest. I arranged another meeting for non-site residents on 14 Jul 14. This was very successful with around 12 residents present.

g)         Vehicle-related issues in Manor Road, Kempston Hardwick – I have arranged another meeting with Borough Planners and Highways Officers to progress the resolution of these issues.


My Borough Council Ward Fund for 2014/15

I have so far submitted bids for:


–     Replacement of broken fence panel in Croyland Drive.

–     Contribution to “Elstow Elderly Holiday at Home week” event.


–     Average Speed Cameras Scheme in Stewartby Way (Licence with O&H).

–     Replacement of pavement slabs outside Sir Malcolm Stewart Homes.


Contact me

Please don’t hesitate to contact me on any local issue by any of the following means:


Cllr Tim Hill

Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Borough Councillor for Elstow, Stewartby and Kempston Hardwick

Tel (day): 0131 448 4270

Tel (eve): 01234 857180

Mobile: 07910100240

Email: tim.hill@bedford.gov.uk

Web site: http://timhill.mycouncillor.org.uk/ or http://bedfordlibdems.org.uk/en/page/elstow-and-stewartby





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