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by timhill on 13 October, 2014

Ward Wide Issues:

Ward Tour – I arranged a Ward Tour with the Senior Highways Officer at the Borough Council for representatives from both Parish Councils and I on Mon 15 Sep 14. Some of the issues below were part of the Tour, along with other issues I am trying to resolve.


Local Issues

Since my last Elstow, Stewartby and Kempston Hardwick Echo, I have resolved and/or progressed the following issues, in some cases with the help of the relevant Parish Council:


– Abbey Fields bush and shrub maintenance – The Borough Council has done some much needed cutting back in the “hammer head” parking area for 1-13 Abbey Fields. The Highways Agency has agreed to deal with any other reported issues from the remaining part of the estate. I have already passed on two requests from residents.


– Progress Way turning right into Hillesden Avenue white lines – The arrow-heads have now been re-painted.


– Travellers on Abbey Fields verges – A bunding scheme has been installed by the Borough Council on the site near West End. Two posts have been placed at the entrance to the site near the by-pass bridge.


– Elstow Holiday At Home week – It was great fun to take part in the bingo and fish & chips evening at the Bunyans Mead Community Room. Thankfully, the good weather held for the Hog Roast at the Abbey Vicarage to celebrate Jeremy’s 10 years as the Abbey Minister.


– Speeding on A6 – Residents have raised their concerns with me regarding the difficulties they are experiencing exiting Wilstead Road (Moss Lane end) onto the A6 roundabout. I have established that the speed limit is 70mph. I am thinking about what can be done to make it easier for residents to exit onto the roundabout.


– Turn left into West End at Cow Bridge Traffic Lights – Borough Highways has advised a scheme will be installed in the Feb 15 half term. There will be temporary traffic lights, so best advice is to avoid those lights whilst the work is taking place.


– Vandalised play equipment on the Playing Fields – I am working with Playing Fields Committee representatives to secure some funding for the repair of this equipment.


– Rats and asbestos in Bunyans Mead – I have asked Environmental Health and BPHA to work together to ensure these are promptly removed.



– Average Speed Cameras on Stewartby Way – As I type this Report, the camera installation works have been completed. They now have to undergo a short calibration and test period and following on from that, the Police have to review all the certifications and paperwork (e.g. location drawings, traffic orders, camera certificates etc.) before they will start enforcement. I have chased for details of when the period ends, but with no response so far. I am still getting e-mails from residents commenting on how effective the cameras are just by being there. I am also still working with Borough Officers and the Portfolio Holder on seeing what, if any, impact is of these speed cameras on Pillinge Road, Rousbury Road and Montgomery Close.


– The Crescent double yellow lines – I have agreed that double yellow lines will be installed on the shared driveway for 1 and 2 due to ongoing issues with school visitors.


– Parking Bays outside Broadmead Lower – Following the above decision, these will now be done.


– Travellers Site – I will be arranging another meeting for local non-site residents after Xmas 14.


– Vehicle-related issues in Manor Road, Kempston Hardwick – I arranged another meeting on 29 Sep 14 with Parish Council representatives, Borough Planners and Highways Officers to progress the resolution of these issues. It was agreed that a meeting with wider Borough representation should be held soon.


– Park Crescent No Verge Parking – As per normal process, I distributed a consultation leaflet. Of those responding, 100% supported the scheme.

– Broadmead Road speeding – Regrettably, I have not received any response to my request to the local police to take action on vehicles speeding along Broadmead Road by the IDB building.


– Mud on B530 from West Wixams developments – I have asked the Borough Enforcement Team Planners to liaise with their Central Beds equivalents to ensure that planning conditions relating to vehicle cleaning are enforced.


– Travellers on C94 Compound – I have asked the Borough Travellers Team to raise the removal of these travellers with the Highways Agency as it is the Agency who are the owners of the site. The Agency has so far not responded.


– Memorial bench on park by Park Crescent – This has been vandalised by people with no consideration for the feelings of relatives and friends of the person remembered. Someone has removed the vandalised bench and I have sought further information from local residents on its history and its funding before seeing if I can do anything to get it re-installed.


My Borough Council Ward Fund for 2014/15

I have submitted bids for:


Replacement of broken fence panel in Croyland Drive.


“Elstow Holiday at Home week” Hog Roast.


Two Abbey Fields bunding schemes.


Abbey Fields Trees and Shrub Pruning


Wilstead Road speed survey


Two Abbey Fields speed limit schemes.




Average Speed Cameras Scheme in Stewartby Way (Licence with O&H).


Replacement of pavement slabs outside Sir Malcolm Stewart Homes.


No verge parking scheme for Park Crescent.


Flashing speed sign.

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