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by timhill on 8 December, 2014

Ward Wide Issues:

– As most of you know, I have accepted an offer on my current house in Kempston. It looks as though I will be moving to 4, Kitchener Place, Stewartby sometime in the middle two weeks of January. This of course does not affect my ability to continue to serve ALL the residents of my Ward to the best of my ability.

– I was honoured to be part of the Elstow Remembrance service on Sunday 9 Nov 14 along with several Parish Councillors, Ted Bowen and Deputy Speaker Wendy Ryder. I was proud to lay a wreath at the War Memorial remembering those Ward residents who gave their lives in the service of their country and to say the Remembrance Address at the War Memorial.

– “Town Centre Transport Strategy Event“. I attended this recent Borough Council consultation meeting. Despite it’s rather misleading title, I was able to raise several issues with the consultants present that greatly impact my Ward i.e. Future management of “Pinch Points” into the urban area that have traffic management issues, including Interchange Car Parking Management and the Cow Bridge Traffic Lights/Ampthill Road.


Local Issues

Since my last Elstow, Stewartby and Kempston Hardwick Echo, I have resolved and/or progressed the following issues, in some cases with the help of the relevant Parish Council:


a)     Speeding on Wilstead Road/High Street/West End – I am working with the Borough Council and the police towards an enforceable speed limit of 20mph. As Wilstead Road and the High Street already have speed management measures in place, I am chasing the police to do some speed enforcement visits. They have agreed to my request to place a speed measurement tool on the West End stretch between the Red Lion and Progress Way. Should the tool record what we already know to be speeding traffic, they have already agreed to do some speed enforcement visits.

b)    Increasing noise levels from the bypass – Many residents had raised with me their concerns on this issue, which I then raised with the Highways Agency and the Borough Council. I am now very pleased to report that the Highways Agency has advised me that they have investigated the issue and have recommended low noise surfacing as the most appropriate noise reduction measure. Low noise surfacing provides for a 3dB drop in noise, which is the equivalent of halving the current traffic noise. The necessary resurfacing of the A421 in both directions between the A603 and A6 junctions has already started on the east bound carriageway with total completion planned for early next year. The Borough Council’s Environmental Health team have agreed to my request for noise measurements to also take place.

c)     A6 Underpass Flooding – Several residents raised with me their concern at the recent flood water at the Underpass. I immediately raised this with Borough Highways, asking them to clear the flood water and resolve the cause. This was done promptly.

d)    Bunyans Mead Security Chains – I helped arrange for the “Bobby Van” people to attend a Residents Coffee Morning to give advice on home security including door chains. I also asked the “Bobby Van” to visit those people who contacted me who had been unable to attend the Residents Coffee Morning, but are interested in the home security issue.




a)     Average Speed Cameras on Stewartby Way – As I type this Report, the camera installation works have been completed. They now have to undergo a short calibration and test period and following on from that, the Police have to review all the certifications and paperwork (e.g. location drawings, traffic orders, camera certificates etc.) before they will start enforcement. I have chased for details of when the period ends, but with no response so far. I am still getting e-mails from residents commenting on how effective the cameras are just by being there. I am also still working with Borough Officers and the Portfolio Holder on seeing what, if any, impact is of these speed cameras on Pillinge Road, Rousbury Road and Montgomery Close.

b)    The Crescent double yellow lines – I agreed to double yellow lines being installed on the shared driveway for 1 and 2 due to issues with school visitors.

c)     Parking Bays outside Broadmead Lower – Following a consultation, these will be installed at right angles to the road.

d)    Travellers Site – I will be arranging another meeting for local non-site residents after Xmas 14.

e)     Local Plan 2032 impact on Manor Road, Kempston Hardwick – I arranged a meeting with Parish Council representatives to discuss the several bids for sites by landowners and property developers with a review to minimising the impact of the sites on local residents.

f)     Park Crescent No Verge Parking – As per normal process, I distributed a consultation leaflet. Of those responding, 100% supported the scheme.

g)    Broadmead Road speeding – Regrettably, I have not received any response to my request to the local police to take action on vehicles speeding along Broadmead Road by the IDB building.

h)     Mud on B530 from West Wixams developments – I have been successful in getting the developers to agree to increase the number of road cleans to three times a week.


My Borough Council Ward Fund for 2014/15

I have submitted bids for:


–            Replacement of broken fence panel in Croyland Drive.

–            “Elstow Holiday at Home week” Hog Roast.

–            Two Abbey Fields bunding schemes.

–            Abbey Fields Trees and Shrub Pruning

–            Wilstead Road speed survey

–            Two Abbey Fields speed limit schemes.


–            Average Speed Cameras Scheme in Stewartby Way (Licence with O&H).

–            Replacement of pavement slabs outside Sir Malcolm Stewart Homes.

–            No verge parking scheme for Park Crescent.

–            Village Hall repairs.


Contact me

Please don’t hesitate to contact me on any local issue by any of the following means:


Cllr Tim Hill

Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Borough Councillor for Elstow, Stewartby and Kempston Hardwick

Tel (day): 0131 448 4270

Tel (eve): 01234 857180

Mobile: 07910100240

Email: tim.hill@bedford.gov.uk

Web site: http://timhill.mycouncillor.org.uk/ or http://bedfordlibdems.org.uk/en/page/elstow-and-stewartby

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