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Elstow, Stewartby and Kempston Hardwick Echo Mar 17

by timhill on 9 March, 2017

Ward Wide Issues: Last Chance To Stop The Covanta Incinerator – The last chance to have your say on stopping the Covanta Incinerator is about to happen.

The Environment Agency has advised me that the date for local residents to view the Environment Permit, and to make comments regarding the permit application, will begin from 6 March 2016 and last for 20 days. Full details of the consultation will be provided in an advert to be placed in the Beds on Sunday newspaper on 5 March and on the Environment Agency’s website. From 5 March, please log on to the Beds on Sunday website at: http://www.bedfordshire-news.co.uk/e-edition.html or the Environment Agency web site at https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/environment-agency

to find out how to object.

Also, I’m very pleased to report that Stewartby Parish Council has arranged a public meeting at Stewartby Village Hall at 11am on Saturday 18 March. Please come along to make your views known and how to object.


Parish Issues:


Local Shop – I have been busy hosting several meetings with the first potential operator, his representatives and a Parish Councillor nominated by the Parish Council to represent its interests. The developer has advised that he is now working on installing the site services with the water service already in. We are now working with the developer to establish his financial proposals and to ensure that the financial deal is sustainable for the potential operator.


Independent Web Site – A local resident has set up a web site to promote local events and to comment on local issues. It can be found at http://clivearnold.weebly.com/. I do not either support or oppose any comments on the web site, but include it as a useful web site for local residents.



Parish Council Facebook Group – Stewartby and Parish Council has set up a Facebook Group for local residents as another way to find out what is happening in the Parish Area. It can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1429284770447318/.

I do not either support or oppose any comments on the Group, but include it as a useful Group for local residents.


Local Issues: Since my last Elstow, Stewartby and Kempston Hardwick Echo, here are some of the local issues I have progressed, in some cases with the valued help and support of the relevant Parish Council.
Elstow Impact of Storm Dorris – At my request, Borough Council contractors cleared the broken branches from the footpath by the Interchange Retail Park.


Broken bypass fence on Medbury Lane – I reported it to Borough Highways. Borough Highways advised it is likely to be the Southill Estate. I reported it to the Southill Estate. The Southill estate advised it is likely to be Highways England. I reported it to Highways England. Highways England advised what normally happens next to main trunk roads is that the maintenance responsibility is normally transferred back to the original landowner once the main trunk road is built – the Southill estate. I’m very pleased to report Highways England have now repaired it.


Mobile Advice Surgeries – I hosted Mobile Advice Surgeries in Croyland Drive on 21 Jan 17, in Titchfield Drive/Whitby Way on 11 Feb 17 and in Romsey Way/Abbey Fields 25 Feb 17. I thank the many residents who attended them to raise their issues with me.


Stewartby Cleaning of Stewartby Way Footpath – At my request, the gas main contractors have properly cleaned the Stewartby Way footpath in between the B530 and the railway bridge. They have also agreed to a request from the Parish Councll Chair to return when the weather is better to sort out the lack of grass on the verge.


Average Speed Cameras on Stewartby Way – I am very pleased to report that the average number of offenders per month in 2016 was 29. Bearing in mind the monthly average for the first three months after the cameras were installed was 213, this is very good news.


Zebra Crossing – I have contacted planning to see if a small percentage of the S106 money arising from the Stewartby Park development can be used to install a zebra crossing between the Sir Malcolm Stewart Homes and the high numbers of Stewartby Way. The Chief Planner has asked his staff to review my request and come back to me.


Pothole outside 173, Wavell Close – This has now been permanently filled in at my request.


Flooding at the back of Pillinge Road – I have asked the Stewartby Park developers to clear their drainage ditch properly.


Speed Indication Device – The SID I temporarily installed in the high numbers of Stewartby Way opposite Wavell Close had a positive effect in reducing the speed of some vehicles on this vulnerable stretch (I know that from personal experience as I walk my dog along that stretch!).


Speedwatch – I have arranged two Speedwatch sessions in Stewartby village with my team of volunteers for some time before the end of March. Watch this space!


Kempston Hardwick

Plans for new road layout – If you would like electronic copies of the plans for the new road layout and the footpaths for the Wixams development, please let me know and I will send them to you.


Cleaning of Footpath between Railway Cottages and Bus Shelter – At my request, Central Beds Council has finally done a decent job of clearing the overgrown grass and shrubbery from this footpath.


Ward Fund

Several years ago, the Bedford Borough Council Liberal Democrat Group was successful in getting the Borough Council to set up a Borough Councillor’s Ward Fund          Scheme. The Scheme gives a budget to Ward Councillors to address specific local issues. Most Projects have also had a contribution from Elstow Parish Council.


I don’t know yet what my Ward Fund will be for 2017/18, but below are the bids I have already submitted.



  1. Contribution towards the cost of a cabin for Gardening With Grace on the site near Abbey Fields Health Centre, Elstow – £500.00.



  1. Cost of 20mph Zone in The Crescent, Stewartby – £3,200.00.


  1. Cost of No Verge Parking in The Crescent, Stewartby – £2,500.00.


  1. Cost of white line outside 2, Stewartby Way, Stewartby – £200.00.


I am now awaiting the costs from:

  1. a) The Parish Clerk of a new bench on the Church End Green in Elstow. The Parish Council and I will be funding this 50/50.
  2. b) Borough Highways of extending the bollards on Park Crescent, Stewartby to stop inconsiderate parking by carers of children at Broadmead Lower.


When I know my Ward Fund 2017/18 total amount, my next bid after all the above will be for Elstow to ensure a roughly even distribution across the two Parishes. Once Phase 2 of the Stewartby Park development is finished, Stewartby Parish will have roughly 1,350 homes compared to Elstow’s 1,160. These figures include 5% added to the homes registered on the electoral register to allow for the small number of homes with people in that don’t qualify to be on the electoral register and for any new developments with homes that aren’t on the electoral register yet e.g. Thomas James Close in Elstow and the very new occupants of Stewartby Park.


Please let me know of any ideas you may have that I could submit a Ward Fund bid for funding.


Best Wishes

Cllr Tim Hill

Liberal Democrat Focus Team

Bedford Borough Councillor for Elstow, Stewartby and Kempston Hardwick

Tel (day): 0131 448 4270

mobile: 07910100240

email: tim.hill@bedford.gov.uk

Web site: http://timhill.mycouncillor.org.uk/


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