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Elstow, Stewartby and Kempston Hardwick Echo Oct 17

by timhill on 6 October, 2017

Local Issues: Since my last Elstow, Stewartby and Kempston Hardwick Echo, here are some of the local issues I have progressed, in some cases with the valued help and support of the relevant Parish Council.



Covanta Incinerator – The Environment Agency have now extended the deadline for the second phase of public consultation to 7 November 2017. To view the documents, please access the following link: https://consult.environment-agency.gov.uk/psc/mk43-9ly-covanta-energy-limited-1/. To make responses, follow the link above, or alternatively send an email to: pscpublicresponse@environment-agency.gov.uk, or write to:

Environment Agency

Permitting and Support Centre

Land Team

Quadrant 2

99 Parkway Avenue


S9 4WF



Grass cutting in Halesowen Drive, Sandleford Drive and Melrose Drive – Local residents had raised their concerns with me about the lack of grass cutting on some green areas in Halesowen Drive, Sandleford Drive and Melrose Drive. I contacted the Borough Council and it seems the estate developer did not properly hand over these areas to the Council. I am working with Borough Officers to get these areas included in the Council’s regular grass cutting schedule.


Dropped kerb at Moss Lane/Wilstead Road junction – I am very pleased to report that Borough Highways have installed a dropped kerb on the south side of the Moss Lane/Wilstead Road junction. This follows a local resident raising their concerns with me that not only was no dropped kerb installed, but the path after the verge is very steep for those with mobility issues.


Fly-tipping at Abbey Fields, Romsey Way and Wilstead Road – Local residents had contacted me to express their concerns about the fly-tipping along the Abbey Fields access road, the bags of litter dumped on the footpath between Wilstead Road and Romsey Way, and a pile of dumped shrubs, stakes and other garden waste on the Wilstead Road footpath near the A6. I raised requests with Borough Council officers for the removal of all the fly-tipped materials and this was done quickly. I am concerned that the Abbey Fields access road seems to suffer regular fly-tipping especially during every weekend. If residents see anyone doing this criminal act, please note any details down such as the car registration plate and report it using the details on this link: http://www.bedford.gov.uk/transport_and_streets/street_care__cleaning/fly-tipping.aspx

Please let me know you have done so and I will chase up any late responses.



Hansons Reach Phase 2 – Persimmons has submitted a detailed planning application for Phase 2 of the Hansons Reach development. Please see Application 17/02295/MAR on the Borough Council Planning Portal for further details. When submitting comments, please bear in mind that it was given Outline Planning Permission in 1997. This planning application is for the small details of the development and whether the small details are in the spirit of the Outline permission. I will be working with the Parish Council to ensure the small details do so. If the small details don’t, I will be objecting to this application.


8,300 houses south east of Stewartby – In its response to the East West Rail consultation, Tory-controlled Central Beds Council has suggested that one option for funding a new railway station in the local area is the development of a estate of over 8,300 houses just south east of Stewartby. Liberal Democrat-led Bedford Borough Council, under Mayor Dave Hodgson’s leadership, has written to Central Beds Council objecting to the crazy plans.


New shop on Hanson’s Reach – I am pleased to report that Persimmons have submitted a planning application for a “local centre” on the land at the junction Of Kiln Drive and Clay Avenue. This will not only give a focal point for the Hansons Reach community, but it will also increase the retail choice available to all the village residents. Please see Application 17/02267/REM on the Borough Council Planning Portal for further details.


Resurfacing of B530/Stewartby Way junction – I am pleased to see that Central Beds Council has at last resurfaced the pot-holed road at the B530/Stewartby Way junction.. This area is continually getting a number of pot-holes. I hope this time that some sort of investigation was done to find out why this is happening.


Dropped kerb to village green bridge – Local residents with mobility issues, have been in touch with me asking for a dropped kerb on the village green, opposite the Marston Vale Middle School by the bridge over the pond. I have raised the request with Borough Highways.


Termly liaison meetings with local schools – I hold liaison meetings every term with the Heads and Governors of our local schools to discuss issues affecting the school and/or the local community. I have recently held meetings with both Broadmead Lower and Kimberley.


Kempston Hardwick

Double Yellow Lines at Kiln Road by BCA – BCA wanted to get double yellow lines installed on Kiln Road to stop the parking by a large number of their customers on the verge. I was concerned that should these be installed, the parked cars will be dispersed outside local residents’ houses. I arranged a meeting with BCA Managers to see if a viable compromise could be sorted out. A trial of the double yellow lines was suggested and local residents could report offenders to BCA. After much thought, I let BCA know this trial wasn’t viable as lifting the double yellow lines would scar the road surface and I don’t believe there is sufficient commitment by BCA to take immediate action on offenders.


Weeds on footpath – I have asked the Borough Council to spray the weeds on the footpath from the railway bridge to the end of Railway Cottages.


Roundabout now open near Greenlakes Rise – I am pleased to see that the roundabout near Greenlakes Rise is now open. The roundabout will make it safer for Greenlakes Rise residents to enter and leave the estate, whilst ensuring a smooth flow of traffic on this busy road.


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