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Elstow, Stewartby and Kempston Hardwick Echo Nov 17

by timhill on 3 November, 2017

Local Issues: Since my last Elstow, Stewartby and Kempston Hardwick Echo, here are some of the local issues I have progressed, in some cases with the valued help and support of the relevant Parish Council.



Covanta Incinerator – There will be a car rally/protest at Green Lane tomorrow morning (Sat 4 Nov 17) starting at 10am organised by the Bedfordshire Against Covanta Incinerator Group. It will aim to represent the nearly 600 vehicle movements a day we believe will be needed to keep the Incinerator at its necessary full capacity. I will be taking part. If you want to take part, turn up at the Kimberley College car park and register, preferably before 10am. Alternatively, just turn up at any time during the morning to support the car rally/protest. The car rally/protest means Green Lane will be shut to through traffic tomorrow. Please leave Stewartby via Broadmead Road or Stewartby Way.


Green Waste Collections – Please remember that green waste collections are suspended over winter, re-starting in March. Check your last collection date here: http://www.bedford.gov.uk/bins.



Speeding in old village – There is an ongoing problem with vehicles speeding through the old village. Police enforcement and Speedwatch sessions by local volunteers including me, can only take place every so often. I am planning to do a survey sometime soon of all affected residents asking for their views on some options that might help address the issue.


Security of the village green – At the request of local residents, I have asked Borough Officers to look at how the village green may be made secure from illegal encampments. This may or may not include extra bollards, bushes or trees.


Low hanging trees on the village green – At the request of local residents, I have asked Borough Officers to prune the trees on the road, so high-sided vehicles including wedding buses (!!!), no longer have to plough through them.


B530 layby litter – I noticed that the two wheely bins in the B530 layby near the bypass bridge were struggling to cope with the extra litter caused by the 24 hour operations of a local fast food restaurant on Saturday evenings. I have raised the issue with the Borough Environment Helpdesk. The Helpdesk has agreed to my suggestion that an extra wheely bin should be provided. I also noticed recently that two mattresses had been dumped in the same area. I asked the Borough Environment Helpdesk to pick them up and progress a prosecution using the serial numbers if possible.


Advice Surgeries – I recently held an Advice Surgery in Wigram Close. My thanks to all who attended it.



Sports Field Refurbishment – The refurbishment of the Sports Field on Park Crescent, Stewartby started on 23 Oct 17. The work includes a completely new sports pavilion, two high specification football pitches, a cricket wicket, a BMX Track and a children’s high specification play area. I attended the Ground-Breaking Ceremony yesterday with some Parish Councillors and contractor representatives. The new Pavilion and Bowling Green should be finished by Apr 18 and the remainder of the site is planned to be finished by Nov 18. When the Sports Field is finished, it will not be open for dog walking. As a dog owner myself, I totally agree that football pitches and dogs don’t go together!


Sir Malcolm Stewart Homes double glazing – There have been technical issues with the Trust’s e-mail account. My thanks to the Warden for letting the Bursar know that I have been trying to contact the Bursar. The Bursar kindly rang me and advised the Trust has engaged a specialist Project Manager for this work, especially as they are now including the listed bungalows at 1-24.


Parking during large events at the Village Hall – I have received further complaints from Churchill Close residents about inconsiderate parking by attendees at large events at the Village Hall. I have forwarded these complaints to the Bookings Secretary and she has very kindly progressed the issues with the hirers.


Good news on local bus service – The Grant Palmer Bus Company has told the Parish Council and I some good news about the 42 bus service. This service, which goes along the B530 to Toddington via Ampthill and Flitwick, will on request stop at the bus stops on the B530 near its junction with Stewartby Way.


Termly liaison meetings with local schools – I hold liaison meetings every term with the Heads and Governors of our local schools to discuss issues affecting the school and/or the local community. I recently held a meeting with Marston Vale Middle. We discussed amongst other things, how I and the Stewartby Parish Chair can help with the stewarding of their Open Evening on 9 Nov 17. This will help ensure we don’t get a repeat of the idiotic parking by prospective parents that happened last year.


Kempston Hardwick

Used Car Dealer at Chimney Corner – The site owner has been issued with an Enforcement Notice. The Notice took effect on the 13 Oct 17, giving two months from that date to cease the use of the land for motor vehicle sales, motor vehicle storage and preparation of motor vehicles for sale. I have now been informed that the site owner has appealed against the Enforcement Notice. The appeal is yet to be validated. I will let residents know how to object if and when it is validated.


Brickmakers Arms site meeting – The developer has submitted an application for a small power station. I believe they have addressed my previous concerns on issues relating to noise, layby access, how the site looks, mud on the C94, proximity to the Marsh Leys homes, vehicle movements and lighting.


Best Wishes

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