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Stewartby Way speeding

by timhill on 4 November, 2010

Over the past few years, many local residents have raised with me their concerns at the speeding cars that break the speed limit whilst travelling along Stewartby Way. I am pleased to report that using part of my Borough Councillors Ward Fund, I have asked the Borough Council’s Community Support Team to look at providing a […]

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Registration for those who wish to comment on the crazy proposal for a massive Incinerator at Stewartby is now open until 17th November. 2010.  Please register and object at http://infrastructure.independent.gov.uk/projects/eastern/rookery-south-energy-from-waste-generating-station/.  WHAT IS IMPORTANT IS TO GET INTEREST SOARING AND OBJECTIONS FLOODING THE SITE.  TIME FOR ACTION FOLKS . . . . . . . WE […]

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Elstow Conservation Area – Part 2

by timhill on 29 September, 2010

Bedford Borough Council is reviewing the current extent of the Elstow Conservation Area.   I support the proposals to add plots of land off West End and the old Lower School, High Street.  However, I have also asked that Wilstead Road be added as many of the houses in the road are of a historical […]

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Elstow Conservation Area

by timhill on 21 August, 2010

Bedford Borough Council is reviewing the current extent of the Elstow Conservation Area that your property is within. Being in a Conservation Area makes it much more difficult for any new build to be given planning Permission and any proposed alterations must reflect the Conservation Area guidelines.  As part of this review, two small areas […]

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ERM have been commissioned by Covanta to undertake an independent Health Impact Assessment (HIA) of the proposed Incinerator in response to feedback Covanta has received.   Two meetings are being hosted by ERM to discuss the potential health impacts.1.30pm-4pm – 5th June Stewartby Village Hall6.30pm-8.30pm – 8th June Forest Centre  Please attend to make your […]

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I agree with Nick

by timhill on 16 April, 2010

Whata  superb performance by Nick Clegg last night.  Can’t wait for the T=Shirts saying “I agree with Nick” !!

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Over 160 people from across the Marston Vale turned out in the cold and rain on Saturday morning to join the “Our Marston Vale “ protest outside Stewartby Village Hall against the proposed Covanta Incinerator. Covanta were holding one of their public consultation events at the Stewartby Village Hall. “Our Marston Vale” had organised the […]

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You may have picked up in the local press that the Borough Council had applied for grant funding from the “Homes and Communities Agency” for amongst other things, the construction of two additional permanent pitches at the Kempston Hardwick Gypsy and Traveller site.  The Government had decided that the Council has to provide 46 permanent […]

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Elstow Residents Surveys flooding in

by timhill on 18 February, 2010

We are in the middle of conducting in Elstow a survey of what local residents think on several local and national issues.  I am very pleased to report that the replies are flooding in – either being left by people in their letterboxes for us to pick up later or being sent to the Freepost […]

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