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I am very pleased to report that there was a successful Neighbourhood Watch Re-Launch Meeting in Elstow last night.   The meeting was held at the Elstow Playing Fields Hall in Wilstead Road.   It was hosted by the Bedford Neighbourhood Watch Team and was the idea of Sue Anderson, the Parish Council Chair.   […]

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Speeding along Stewartby Way

by timhill on 15 April, 2008

Local residents have been in touch with the Liberal Democrat FOCUS Team over the past couple of years expressing their concern about cars speeding along Stewartby Way. The Tory-controlled County Council has said several times to us that any measures to control traffic speed along Stewartby Way are not a high priority for them. Spending […]

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Lamp post outside 85, Bedford Road, Wootton

by timhill on 25 January, 2008

A car knocked down the old lamp post in Aug 07. This was replaced with a new one in Nov 07 and connection was promised within the week. A resident received a letter from County Hall advising it would be lit within the next week. That resident rang me yesterday to let me know it […]

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Current major casework – Stewartby 4

by timhill on 17 January, 2008

As well as the hundreds of cases due to the poor maintenance by the County Council of our roads and footpaths, and the ongoing vandalism of street nameplates, I am working on several major cases in our Ward: Stewartby 4 4) Speeding on The Crescent When I raised this with the County Council last year, an Officer without […]

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