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Split in Tory group

by timhill on 25 January, 2008

This split in the Tory Group became apaprent last night at Scrutiny Committee.

Some of the “young Turks” (and the not so young” had “called-in” a decision to approve the writing off of over £500k of irrecoverable council tax.

 A “call-in” is the last and most extreme way a Councillor can get a decision of Branston’s Cabinet reviewed. Yet the Tories called in a decision of one of their own colleagues – Barry Huckle the Finance Portfolio Holder.

The atmosphere in the Council Chamber between the caller ins and Barry was tense to say the least. You could “feel” the very angry vibes coming from Nicky Attenborough the Tory Group leader sitting 20 meteres away in the public gallery.

Much amusement was had by the other Groups at the climb down by the “callers-in”. 

The whole episode was just to get Andrew McConnell a few column inches in the local papers. Shame he had to embarrass his own Tory colleagues to do so 😉

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