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My man John Edwards does well enough in South Carolina to stay in race

by timhill on 28 January, 2008

Slightly better news from the USA.

John got nearly 20% of the vote in the South Carolina primary.

The turnout was over 500,000 compared to 230,000 in 2004.

John did well enough to stay in the race to be the Democrat’s presidential candidate.

The worrying thing is that the exit polls showed 80% of Afro Carribeans voted for Obama, 80% of white women voted for Clinton and 80% of white men voted for John. A worrying sign that the Democrat coalition is solidifying around same gender or same race candidates.

However, the other good news is that very few other states have a 50% electorate of a particular ethnic group like South Crolina does. So hopefully issues will come back to the fore again.

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