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Travellers at Bury Farm, Wootton Green

by timhill on 15 April, 2008

Last summer, I had raised my concern that although making Bury Farm a good place for walkers to visit is a good idea, having no height barriers for the car park would make it open to travellers. The relevant officer disagreed and was supported by the Council Executive including the Mayor. Local residents have been in touch with Judith Cunningham and I expressing their concern about the travellers who visited Bury Farm a couple of weeks ago.  Just to let you know that Judith immediately contacted the relevant officers at the Town Hall to let them know the travellers had arrived and that a clean-up would need to be organised when they left. I pressed them to:·        Do a final clean-up of the remaining debris. ·        Now agree to provide a height barrier and strengthen the fencing to make it difficult for travellers to enter the site. I am pleased to report that:·        A final clean-up will now be done.·        The relevant office at the Town Hall as now been asked by the relevant officer to put together a design for a height barrier, how the fencing might be strengthened and to provide an estimate of the likely costs.

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