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The fantasy speech

by timhill on 19 November, 2009

Yesterday’s Queen’s Speech was nothing more than a fantasy speech from a government that has run out of road in a Parliament that has lost people’s trust. This Queen’s Speech won’t give people the help and jobs they need in this recession. It won’t solve our economic problems and it won’t fix our rotten politics.

Instead of pointless pageantry and empty promises of Bills that will never make it onto the statute book, the Liberal Democrats would implement an emergency programme of political reform. A programme which would change our politics for good by bringing in the power of recall to give people the right to sack errant MPs, reforming of the House of Lords and party funding, and introducing fixed-term parliaments and fair votes.

Yesterday was a missed opportunity, proving beyond any doubt that this tired Labour Government just isn’t prepared to clean up our politics. It is clearer than ever that ours is the only party that is prepared to do that, and to bring real change to Britain.

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