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Application for an Environmental Permit for C Jackson & Sons (Bedford) Ltd at Manor Road, Kempston Hardwick

by timhill on 30 December, 2009

I have sent the following objection to this application to the Environment Agency. For further details on the application, please see:


I write to formally object to the above application for an Environmental Permit for C Jackson & Sons (Bedford) Ltd. I wish to object on the following grounds:  
a) Its detrimental effect on the amenity, environment and noise levels of local residents due to the inevitable outcome of increased lorry movements and hours. 

b) The detrimental effect of the increased movements and hours on the existing road network. Manor Road is simply not built for the increased amount of traffic and there is nothing in the conditions that will alter that.

c) I believe permits would not normally be given for such operations where residential properties are within 500 metres. There are 4 properties within 200 metres and a further 31 within 400 metres.
Although a 12 month temporary planning permission was given on 31 Mar 09 related to this permit, it is relevant to state that this permission was given despite 2 errors:

i) The permission states that there are no properties within 200 metres. See above.
ii) No residential property was consulted at all during the planning process. This was possibly due to error i)?

I would be very grateful if you could confirm on the e-mail address below:
a) You have received this objection.
b) The final decision on the application

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