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Elstow Residents Surveys flooding in

by timhill on 18 February, 2010

We are in the middle of conducting in Elstow a survey of what local residents think on several local and national issues. 

I am very pleased to report that the replies are flooding in – either being left by people in their letterboxes for us to pick up later or being sent to the Freepost address on the survey. 

Once all of Elstow has been surveyed by the Liberal Democrat FOCUS Team, I will send everyone a summary of the results for the whole of the village. 

I am also determined to take action as soon as I possibly can on all casework issues raised by residents.  

Thank you once again if you filled in our Survey – the results will really help us in our campaigning all year round for Elstow.  

If we haven’t called yet, please be patient. We will get to you eventually!

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